Tuesday 9th August, 2016

The Hive at Kew is incredible. Wonderful to look at from within a specially created one-acre wildflower meadow. Even more wonderful to look out of onto the beautiful big trees at Kew. It feels like a gently pulsing cocoon. The soundtrack from members of Spiritualized and a colony of 40,000 bees resonates through this multi-sensory, completely immersive experience.

The 17m high structure is made from a lattice of 170,000 pieces of aluminium fitted with hundreds of glowing LED lights, which respond to the vibrations of honeybees from a hive within Kew Gardens. You can even put a wooden lolly stick in your mouth, stick it in a hole and feel the vibrations. I did of course.

Open until the end of 2017 this is a must-visit.


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