Chelsea Show Gardens

Friday 25th May, 2012

Some gardens at Chelsea make me sigh out loud with pleasure. I try to analyse why… ephemeral planting tick, structure creating drama tick, materials of such quality they make me suck in a deep breath, tick. But it’s a response that comes so quickly and so emotionally that I’m not sure I can always exactly put my finger on it. My heart flutters and I sigh loudly. It’s a garden that I love.

I got this with two gardens today, standing at the front of the sweating crowd, blinking in the sunshine and sighing. Joe Swift‘s Teenage Cancer Trust Garden, with its stunning planting palette of muted rusty reds (check out Iris “Quechee”) and gorgeous cedar frames like a series of proscenium arches running along the length of the garden.

Then there was Sarah Price‘s beautiful and ephemeral Telegraph Garden, with the most frothy, naturalistic planting (always love Anthriscus sylvestris in a show garden) and a central rugged limestone water feature. All boxes ticked.

I love the show gardens. I love the pretense.

Time for another Pimms.

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Update: I’ve finally uploaded my Chelsea photos to Flickr

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