The Cotswolds, Ready Hedge and a breakdown

Lovely pleached hedging

Wednesday 11th April, 2012

Today I met with my lovely friend Katie Guillebaud and her husband Alex in Taddington.  The drive there was so breathtaking, I had forgotten how beautiful the Cotswolds are.  They live at Taddington Manor where Alex runs Architectural Heritage who provide absolutely stunning period and reproduction garden ornament.

Katie is a fantastic garden designer and I wanted to pick her brains as she has loads of show garden experience at Chelsea. She gave me tons of advice over lunch, particularly about planting. When I left she filled my car boot with Miscanthus and Sanguisorba menziesii… a garden designer’s party bag!

Next stop back to Pershore to meet Simon at Ready Hedge who everyone I had met over the last couple of days seemed to know well. Simon was great and we walked around with Rupert to see what was available. If only I had given him a couple of months more notice I would have had so much more to choose from (where have I heard that before, only every day for the last week!) but there are a few great options available and I’m excited again.

To conclude the tales of my little voyage I then broke down on the M6. Ah dear, but I’m finally home and I’ve had a well deserved glass of wine in the bath. Lots to do tomorrow.

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