Design day (or a little displacement activity)

Friday 6th April, 2012

Design day. A little sketching in the morning and some serious displacement activity in the afternoon. It was suddenly essential that I did some power walking along the river in order to have Fantastic Ideas. Eight miles later and all I had in my head was a million practical issues. Next it was utterly essential that my power walk should be followed by a long bath with a glass of wine in our lovely new bathroom. The ideas would just flow!

Several hours later and it’s dark and I’m finally drawing. I need to keep this garden simple in design and palette. The garden needs to be about theatre, but not in an obvious, heavy-handed way, and ultimately I want to make a beautiful garden. I want to use lovely materials. I want it to be calm and contemplative. I want it to show my two careers, not as two separate entities but linked together and feeding into each other. Show gardens are always as much theatre as garden. The show garden will always be a set. There will need to be layers. Deep breaths and draw…

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