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What’s in a name?

Thursday 12th April, 2012

I have found two nurseries in the north west who may be able to supply me some show quality plants for June. It’s a miracle!

I didn’t exactly find them myself… Richard Sneesby, my tutor who I spoke to earlier in the week, gave me the details of his friend Paul Richards, a garden designer based in the north west who has designed some beautiful show gardens. I emailed him with my usual “help me please I don’t know what I’m doing…” and he sent me a lovely email in return, warning me that I would have many sleepless nights ahead, offering me any further advice I may need, and providing me with details of two good nurseries, one Ladybrook Nursery in Bramhall where I am to speak with Janine, and the other Brentwood Moss Nursery near Irlam where I am to speak with Catherine. And I’m to mention his name.

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