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Friday 7th July, 2017

Twelve months on and the planting at Moneypenny HQ is establishing well and the meadow is in flower. The staff are thoroughly enjoying their landscape and people were lunching on the deck overlooking the wetland and picnicking in the meadow which was fantastic.

We visited site with photographer Tom Biddle who took some wonderful photographs, including this photo of the view across the meadow towards the rear of the building.

“All of the flowers and grasses are flowering now and it makes the walk around the office look luscious. I can’t believe how pretty everything looks. There are so many plants I’ve never seen before which are really interesting to look at. It looks more like the outside of a hotel than an office. We love it!” – Amy Whyte, Moneypenny PA


Tuesday 9th August, 2016

The Hive at Kew is incredible. Wonderful to look at from within a specially created one-acre wildflower meadow. Even more wonderful to look out of onto the beautiful big trees at Kew. It feels like a gently pulsing cocoon. The soundtrack from members of Spiritualized and a colony of 40,000 bees resonates through this multi-sensory, completely immersive experience.

The 17m high structure is made from a lattice of 170,000 pieces of aluminium fitted with hundreds of glowing LED lights, which respond to the vibrations of honeybees from a hive within Kew Gardens. You can even put a wooden lolly stick in your mouth, stick it in a hole and feel the vibrations. I did of course.

Open until the end of 2017 this is a must-visit.


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