Corridor Manchester Public Realm

Corridor Manchester Public Realm Corridor Manchester Public Realm Corridor Manchester Public Realm

CW Studio worked with AEW Architects to create initial design ideas, strategies and methodologies for potential public realm proposals for  Corridor Manchester at the heart of the city.

A strategy was developed that identified key areas and character zones, while a palette of materials and landscape elements was formed to create an instantly recognisable and unique identity for the Corridor.

Areas are classified as Movement Space, Transition Space or Dwell Space, with higher levels of activity dictating lower provisions of furniture to avoid restricting pedestrian flow, while dwell spaces provide attractive spaces to encourage pedestrians to pause a moment and enjoy.

A comprehensive lighting system of columns responds to many complex urban needs; lighting, cctv, displays, electric bike charging with pay terminal, taxi and emergency phones, utility functions including water and power supply, projectors and public address speakers.

A stone strip in the paving links the street furniture together while coloured lighting bands with inset or etched words denote an intervention on the corridor. Solid seating blocks with a simple geometry become modular components permitting different combinations as required.

Bus stops with green roofs provide a unique addition to the centre of Manchester, a strand of innovative green infrastructure that links in with wider plans for biodiversity and urban storm water issues in the city.

CW Studio created the above graphics to illustrate the different zones.

Architects: AEW Architects





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