Malpas Garden

Malpas Garden Malpas Garden Malpas Garden

Early sketch designs for a six and a half acre private garden in South Cheshire. A strong tree lined driveway leads to the house, while additional structure is provided in the garden with strong hedging and quirky topiary.

To the rear of the house a formal garden offers dramatic views over the lake and beyond to the open countryside. Ornamental grasses and perennials are arranged on a grid in the Pool Terrace garden which is given enclosure and structure with hedging. This contemporary planting style reflects the naturalistic setting of the countryside, but offers a more controlled and elegant version.

A croquet lawn, kitchen and cutting gardens with bee hives, topiary gardens and an orchard complete the garden ‘rooms’ around the house, and all lead out to open meadows with meandering mown paths which provide circular routes via the tennis court, writer’s room and lake. Sculpture, garden ornament and seats are arranged on an axis of views visible from and looking back towards the house.

Garden boundaries are strengthened with additional planting while wooded areas are enhanced and woodland walks created.

3d Images by Charlie Payne

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