Brainstorming with Rupert, something about stone, and inspiration in the pub

Tuesday 10th April, 2012

Had a great meeting with Rupert from Keyscape in Pershore. Rupert is knowledgable and helpful. He’s had lots of experience building show gardens and got really stuck into bouncing around design ideas. He is also going to take me to meet Simon at Ready Hedge tomorrow to look at options for the boundary.

The afternoon was fun too, looking at vast quantities of stone with Asil, Hardscape‘s Technical Manager,  at their storage and distribution centre at Long Marston near Stratford-upon-Avon.  I also met Lucy who runs Stockscape, Hardscape’s sister company, who supply hard landscaping materials to professional garden designers. She’s a garden designer herself and gave me lots of ideas and information about suppliers. I then spent a lovely evening in the pub with them both. Hardscape are definitely one of the most sociable companies I know!

Inspiration struck in the pub in the form of the lampshades. I’d been toying with the idea of pivoting panels in the structure on the decking in the garden. Spinning the panels would be like changing the scenery in a show. I wasn’t sure what would go on the panels though. Scene painting on gauze perhaps? The lampshades had scenes from Shakespeare’s plays on (we were in Stratford after all) and I suddenly thought that the panels could be perspex or polycarbonate with an extract of a script etched onto them. Lovely and light and transparent, layers of planting would be visible through the panels. Scenes could be from plays that feature gardens or maybe just a single tree (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Cherry Orchard, Waiting for Godot).

Could be just the thing…

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